Curtis and Leah
tripping through life...
tripping through life...

WELCOME, dearly beloved, to Curtis and Leah's wedding website. We are thrilled that you can (virtually) share our happy day!

Because we have been a twosome for so very long, an intimate and semi-informal event suited us. (We call it "semi-informal" yet Leah's hair somehow went up and her hemline found its way down to the floor.) Thus, only our immediate families were in attendance.

A cozy setting and exquisite eats were our only requirements. No McDonald's Playland for us, thank you very much!

But we missed all of you.

So, please browse this site at your leisure and celebrate with us!

What about the announcements ?

You are probably wondering, "What was the holdup with them thar wedding announcements?" Take your pick:

a.) Leah had a debilitating hand cramp.
b.) "Curtis and Leah Time" is only slightly faster than "Geologic Time."
c.) We were abducted by Marvin the Martian.
d.) All of the above.