Curtis and Leah answer those questions that are burning a hole in your soul, or, at the very least, your best tablecloth.

So, why get married now after all those blissful years of living in sin?
Because our love is as deep as the deepest sea and as vast as the evening sky. Oh, and we discovered there is a 15% discount at the Outback Steakhouse for married couples. We love that Bloomin' Onion!
How do you feel about having your anniversary during the holiday season?
Our wedding isn't the defining event in our relationship. While December 27th is our wedding anniversary, we don't consider it our real anniversary.
Whatever. When is your real anniversary?
It's July 21st. And we don't feel like going into why. Suffice it to say, the answer is not lurid.
How should we address Leah?
Leah has not changed her name. It is still "Leah Maxwell." She also answers to "Brick House" and "Daisy Doodle."
Why not hyphenate?
Try saying "Maxwell-Wilcox" a few times fast.
Will you be leaving Rochester anytime soon?
Probably. That is, if Leah ever gets off her duff and prepares her graduate school applications.
Could you win at "The Newlywed Game"?
Sure! The answers for Leah are lace, the bathroom, and Walt Disney World. The answers for Curtis are the computer, the cat litter, and the computer.
What about having children?
You mean for dinner? We're not on the Atkins diet.