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OMG, I have a blog

We'll see how this goes. I decided I should "push" a little less through email and "pull" a little more to stuff online. It's also a hassle to figure out what to send to whom. Now people can just come here and read what they want. You never know, this might actually be useful.

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I was going to write something silly here, but perhaps this attempt at not doing that is silly enough.

So what is this blog for? What should the content be about? I suppose I could have asked you via email... But what fun would that be? Well, I wish you success. It's funny, after that conversation I had with all of you about what blogging is etc., I was thinking perhaps The Lab should have a blog of some kind in the future. Expecially since there are often very important things stated that are lost forever in email, or conversation. Well, in any case, I look forward to your blogs, and I hope this project goes well for you.


What's it for? Heh, I haven't fully thought that one through. I expect I may redirect some of the stuff both nonsense and useful away from email (especially to the esm-cs list) and into the blog. At this point the blog exists just as an exercise in attempting to set up a blog.

As for the lab, one way of preserving the "history" would be to have a web-based archive for the lab mailing list. We were talking earlier about the possiblity of using blog software for an internal knowledge base system. The appeal is the blog software simplifies a lot of the data entry and maintenance but has other features which are not quite as well suited. The temporal nature of a blog's site design isn't a perfect fit but is sometimes useful. I think anything web-based for the lab would need to be restricted in some way. Not everything should be aired for the general public


Can you share with us some deeply personal poetry, perhaps?


I hope this is leading toward completion of your Masters. Heh Heh. Me


I have nothing to say, I'm just testing something.

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