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Liquid Bandage Usability

I was browsing around the site of a usability wonk and came across his assessment of Band-Aid Liquid Bandage. Usability is cool and so is idea of liquid bandages so article was right up my alley. The short version is the current experience of using a liquid bandage leaves much to be desired but it does have its advantages.

I recently had to have my skin professionally opened. I thought the procedure would culminate in stiches but I was hoping, it being the 21st century and all, that it would be more like building a model airplane than hemming pants. Unfortunately it was neither, it was more like construction workers covering a pothole with a steel plank except this pothole oozed and stuck to the "plank." This made removal of the plank rather painful but subsequent, self-applied planks were of a non-stick variety.

Send me a S.A.S.E. for a translation of the paragraph above.

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Hey! I'm not a "usability wonk"! Remember, "the revolutionaries will wear Prada." ; . )

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