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Why I'm not switching to Safari

Itís a little thing but I do it all the time in Mozilla. In Safari, I canít load a URL by dragging it onto a tab. In Safari I have to either right-click then choose New Tab from the menu or command-click the link, which requires two hands. Then I still have to click on the tab to bring it to the front (there are keyboard commands for tab switching but theyíre also two-handers - shift-command-right arrow and left arrow). When Iím done with the page, I have to close the tab because itís not much good for anything else.

In Mozilla, I can drag a URL onto an existing tab or even drag to a blank part of the tab bar to create a new tab. Since Iím using the mouse for the action, the cursor is already in position to bring the tab to the front, if that's what I want. I donít need to close the tab again because I can re-use it for a different URL.

Another important factor is I use Windows at work but OS X at home and having the same browser on both is helpful.

In general, Safari is a nice browser. It's fast, seems to render pages well, and I like the Bookmarks interface. I like the "Block pop-up windows" option is right in the Safari menu and has a keyboard command. I always leave mine on but I can imagine people making use of that, possibly on a public computer. I also like being able to access the browser history from a menu in Safari. Mozilla makes you open a History window. Of course Mozilla lets you access your bookmarks from a menu while Safari make you open a window so they're reversed on that point. I've never used SnapBack so I guess it doesn't mean much to me. The Aqua styled web form elements are nice but you still can't use the keyboard to operate them.

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Woo hoo! Safari 1.1, included in OS X 10.3, adds the ability to load a URL by dragging it onto a tab.

The truth is I started using Safari at home pretty consistently in September because I was sick of the rendering & stability problems I was having with Mozilla 1.4 for OS X on Slashdot. I spend a lot of time on Slashdot so my main browser needs to freakin' work on that site.

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