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My new office

We're finally adding someone to our department, they start Monday. The main office isn't big enough for all of us so I've moved into a private office nearby. I hope it will help me hunker down when working on projects but I don't like the feeling of being out of touch. The office has other drawbacks, which are explained in this little "photo essay", with comments.

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I keep telling him that I would *gladly* take the office (or just the hot water pipes for that matter) off his hands, but Curtis seems to think that that is not quite the solution he was looking for. *sigh*


This made me laugh - very hard. First off, the notion that you would do anything other than sit very, very still is quite funny. Second, you're not going to get anything done about the heat, my friend. You'll just have to work shirtless.

And don't count on the new boss going to bat for you to get the heat fixed; if she's anything like your old boss, she'll enjoy watching you sweat. ;-)

"Kevin wades in with a one-two combination, the champ is on the ropes!"

You might have noticed the floor fan in one of the pictures. My first day I had the door open with the fan running. That fan combined with my computer will leave me deaf. That will really cut down on the distractions!

Harvey and AJ each have remote-controlled air conditioners in their offices and there's a boarded-up "window" in my closet. I think it could help and wouldn't be that expensive. What I need to do is arrange to have a meeting in my office with Dave Strong. He'll get the idea :-)


You know, no one seemed to care when I was moved in there. If I had complained, Chris Harrison would have beaten the crap out of me.

That's because some people were glad it meant no more trumpet practice in here. Plus, you were taking a step down from your library office but a step up by not working for the library. Virtual "long pants," if you will ;-)


Man, that trusy desk is so clean. It has the newly moved look. Let me konw what is like after a few months.

Wait, where is the foil between the monitors?

Nice work, man. Nice work. Hey, please don't let those heat pipes get you down. At least you have heat! The only heat we get in the lab is from the computers themselves. I am not looking forward to 65 and lower nanometer chips in the near future. Maybe the graphics cards will keep the heat going. ;)


A typo: "konw" should be "know"in my previous post. Can you erase that? Yes, I hit "Preview", but I sure wasn't paying attention. *Sigh* Sorry.

Thanks for the blog entry. It was nice to see what you did to that room. I know it was not an easy move, especially considering the time you had to work in. All involved should be proud.

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