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Google Web Accelerator vs. web apps

There's a lot of info flying around about Google's new web accelerator app, how it works and its affects. This article on
Google Web Accelerator's affect on web applications is particularly interesting. Basically since the accelerator will cause the Google proxy to prefetch not only images and embedded objects but also links, it may cause some actions being taken without you realizing it. Say you have a "Delete All Entries" link on your blog management web page. If you're using the Web Accelerator when visiting that page, Google may try to follow that link and therefore perform the action.

The comments on the article indicate that the "best practice" in web design is to use the PUT method rather than GET for any requests that could alter (including deletion) the content of the server. That's pretty straightforward when you're just doing normal <form method="put"> tags but I'm not familiar enough with other action request methods to know how it's done with them.


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