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Cutting MS Word v.X CPU load

The "Adam" below is Adam Engst. Someone should tell him that most people don't get paid by the word to write so "Live Word Count" isn't too important :-) Anyhow, these are pretty good tips since Word for OS X tends to gobble up quite a few CPU cycles even when it's in the background.

From: Errol Lewthwaite Sent: Friday, March 28, 2003 1:39 PM To: TidBITS Talk Subject: Re: Closing applications quickly in Mac OS X

Something I have just discovered to speed up MS Word on OS X significantly.

When looking at top (in Terminal) when Word has a document open Word is often using 30-50% of CPU.

In Word Preferences turn off "Preferences/View/Window/Live Word Count". CPU usage drops down to about 0-10%.

[Along the same lines, turning off inline spell checking would probably help, but in both these cases, the features are useful for many of us all the time. -Adam]


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