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America's Most Talented Kid

Apparently Antonin Scalia is not only a judge on the Supreme Court.

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That's the second time you've given us a screenshot of your TV. (The first was pre-blog, but it was the Curtis Wilcox church TV show or something.) Are you TiVOing your channel guide or do you just sit on your sofa with the digital camera at the ready? Inquiring minds want to know.


The digital camera is not "at the ready" but it's in the same room and it doesn't take long to take a snapshot. I *did* video tape one movie then use the camera's video capability to record one scene. I only did that because the scene was relevant to Leah's school work and I was taping the movie anyway for her to see.

You can probably tell that I am a fan of the on-screen guide and think the $7/month for the set-top + remote is worth it. Even when they make mistakes like this :-)

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