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Colossal Colon

From Wired:

Curious about the colon? Wondering about colorectal cancer prevention, early detection and treatment? You're in luck! As part of the National Cancer Education tour, a giant colon replica will be traveling to 20 cities in the United States from February 2003 to November 2003. The "Colossal Colon," a 40-foot-long, 4-foot-high replica, was modeled after a real colon taken from colonoscopy film footage.

Exhibit visitors who crawl through the colon will see various stages of disease from polyps to full-blown colon cancer. The Colossal Colon was created in honor of Amanda Sherwood Roberts, who died from the disease last year. "We're trying to educate as many people as we can so nobody has to go through what we had to go through," said Amanda's father, Bernie Sherwood.

I'm sorry Bernie but a 40 ft. simulated colon is something else I don't want to "go through."


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