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Figures large and small

Pulp Fiction figures

For some reason a number of action figures and "collectibles" showed up in my Amazon.com recommendations (btw, I appreciate the recommendations feature, I think it does a pretty decent job, especially considering I'm a relatively infrequent shopper) today. "The Bride" from Kill Bill, yeah okay but these beauties really caught me off guard. It's the Pulp Fiction Geoms Set: The Gimp, including Butch, Zed, The Gimp, and Marsellus. There's a larger picture the more clearly shows their features including the bloodied visages of Butch and Marcellus. Yes, it's called "The Gimp" set because there are 3 other sets.

I'm not really complaining because some of it is kinda cool but this collectibles stuff is getting out of hand. This company (or Association, whatever), NECA, has figures and other items based mostly on movies and comics but also from other elements of pop culture. They have The Christmas Story figures and bobbleheads, which are stupid, but also a 40" Leg Lamp, which is awesome! Anyone would be proud to have this in their home, I mean, it's a major award!


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