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CNN's stealth football fans; mis-reading banners

I'm referring to English Football (i.e. "soccer"), not American Football. I have a few of CNN's RSS feeds in my feedreader and I've noticed that the Recent list frequently includes stories about events in the English Football world. Why is Mourinho could face investigation supposed to mean something to me?

Heh, the front page has a graphic that reads "GET YOUR WEATHER ON CNN.COM" referring to their news coverage of weather. I read it differently, as "GET YOUR WEATHER ON" CNN.COM, like they're trying to be "down" with the slang. In the split second before I realized my error, I wondered what it could mean. "Pay attention to the weather?" "To go outside," as in "I gots ta roll an' get my weather on, yo?"

Yes, I'm a silly-billy.


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