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FileMaker->MySQL migrator

Not that we don't love our FileMaker databases but at some point we might need the FmPro Migrator. Someone on MacSlash had an interesting idea. They might use FileMaker as a database prototyping system the use the migrator to move everything to MySQL when it becomes a production system.

demo available but I'm not sure what the demo's capabilities are. The migrator can also handle FileMaker-to-Oracle but I don't think we'll be using Oracle databases anytime soon.

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Readers of this posting may be interested to know that FmPro Migrator 1.46 Enterprise Edition is now available with support for generating Perl CGI scripts for FileMaker databases migrated to MySQL and Oracle. Additional functionality has also been added to enable FileMaker migrations to Access, SQL Server, Sybase and DB2. This "FmPro Migrator Perl CGI Scripts" URL provides examples of the HTML and Perl CGI scripts created for each layout of the FileMaker database.

David Simpson

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